Thursday, January 26, 2006


So we've been here about 2.5 months and there seem to be no signs of interest in AliBob's presence dying down.

A few days back, Dr. Elahi came over while I was teaching my class and apparently, someone from the BBC had been doing something at Mofid and wanted to interview AliBob.

The reporter is an Iran News Analyst (not just a regular journalist) for BBC World Service and is doing a story on Islam and Modernity, particularly in Qom. So he came over, along with Mr. Fazl and Dashti (AliBob's tutor... his name is AliG but we call him Dashti) and I, as usual made lame tea and we served them fruit.

Then Mr. Saba, the reporter, went with AliBob into another room and interviewed him privately with a big old microphone. It's for a radio program. AliBob said the interview seemed very professional and he asked interesting questions.

Meanwhile, I hung out in the living room with Mr. Fazl and Dashti and they asked me things like the difference between "work" and "job", "state" and "government", "statesman" and "government man". I answered as best I could...based on how I feel the words tend to be used. I'm wondering if, in the past 2 months, I have managed to recreate English incorrectly for the people here... explaining things that I really should leave up to the experts and textbooks.

Anyway, Mr. Saba had an awesome voice, deep and compelling... perfect for radio. I got a picture of them all.. AliBob and his boys.. from left to right it's Mr. Saba, AliBob, Mr. Fazl, Dashti:


Blogger Shahab said...

hi i don't know whose of you are Mr. Katebi.
i'm shahab katebi from tehran and i also write and send pics to my blog since 2004 if you want to check my blog i would be very appreciate.

12:49 AM  
Blogger Irfan Ali said...

Salaam Shahab,

Thanks for visiting our site and for posting a link to your blog.

None of here are "Katebi"--but we have an associate who is.

We enjoyed your pictures of Tehran.

Khoda hafez,

Irfan Ali

8:58 AM  
Blogger huma said...

when is the interview going to air on bbc, and did you get a copy?

3:21 AM  

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