Friday, June 23, 2006

Tehran- Pics-- 1

Our Firoozeh Hotel Room. At 16 bucks a night, you can't beat it. Soft sheets, relatively clean (the hospitality industry in Iran needs a major pick-me-up, except in Mashhad, where it's fine. I've just pointed potential entrepreneurs to a lucrative niche, I'll accept a nominal percentage as my fee.)
*And* they have BBC World News, so that's definitely cool. And an awesome breakfast. What more could you want? BBC and food.. must be heaven.

And there is the aforementioned breakfast. Two super greasy fried eggs (just the way I like 'em!), tea, delicious rose/apple jam (or carrot, quince, sour cherry, etc.), butter, Turkish Noon-e-Barbari (the bread), Azeri feta cheese (phenomenal).
The Equal is my import for personal use.

We're in Park-e-.... I forget. Tehran has a lot of these parks. They're beautiful and quiet and cool and amazing places to people watch.. particularly the interactions between young men and women of courting age. Ahhh.... flirting under repression. It's a self portrait as you can tell, which is why we look dopey and glazed over.

Another view of the park:

These kinds of roses are EVERYWHERE in public spaces in Iran.. used as plantings throughout. But really, just behold my photographic genius. I think I was messing around with the macro function. I need to learn how to use the camera properly at some point.


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