Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"Freedom Fries"

Hello and Salaam All,

It's been awhile since we last posted. Irfan Ali/Robert is crazy busy with research and Sara has an ever-growing following for her English teaching. But after I popped in to our local bakery to get some sweets for Ms. Nouri's son's birthday, I noticed that they had gone through with the official pastry name change you all may have seen in the news and thought I'd give you a view from the ground.

Yes, much like our own bout with "Freedom Fries" the Danish cartoon debacle led to the renaming of the immensely popular Danish pastries in Iran ( "Danmarki"s are now "Gul-i Muhammad", loosely translated as "Roses of the Prophet Muhammad". Our bakery has a big "X" through "Danmarki", just so it's clear!

On the right, Sara's favorite "rollette"; on the left, two types of Gul-i Muhammad.

As for the cartoon issue, one of the best analyses I've seen comes from my internet colleague and fellow white-man-married-to-a-Pakistani-woman, Svend White. You can read his essay on his blog here--make sure you look for his further reflections and reader comments too:

Can't forget our fellow Axis of Evil blogger Brian--check out some of his thoughts on the cartoons and embassy burning in Syria here:


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