Sunday, November 20, 2005

Domestic haze

Breakfast of champions today, with bread and cheese and jam and cream and tea… and turnips. Got different house ‘items’ today. I feel quite like the new bride. In fact, my pots said “Aroos Teflon”. “Aroos” means bride in Farsi. I got grain containers, vegetable baskets, two glass pedestal bowls (small and big), plates (3 different types), bowls (2 different sizes), a big bowl to match the plates/bowls, 6 salt and pepper shakers (not sure what the other 4 would be used for), an iron and ironing board, and a trash can. Observe my goods and share in my joy:

Here’s the ironing board. I love the picture. The lady is so stylish in her manteau and heels. Doesn’t she look like Rachael Ray (of 30-minute meals) in half hijab? That’s how I look too when I iron. Our iron is quite nice, one by Panasonic.

Ooooh, and today, IrfanAliBob brought home the famous “sangak”, which is cooked in a huge brick oven thingie (floor to ceiling) on hundreds of thousands of little stones and pebbles that are heated by an open fire. Then they whip it out of the oven and slam it onto a big mesh wire table to get the stones out. We pick whatever stone bit that hasn’t come off ourselves. So our dinner was a little more interesting. We had the sangak with our bread and cheese instead of the lavash. Much more filling.

This bread tastes fabulous and now I know why people love it so much. It makes the cheese taste so much better. The only problem is that it seems to dry out too quickly. It is made 3 times a day; 5-7 am, 11am-1pm, and 5-7pm. I guess we have to buy it fresh when we want it. Here’s a pic of a couple of pieces of fresh sangak, folded in half because it is quite long:

So tonight for his dinner it was *this* bread and cheese and jam and cream. I had the last of the tuna for dinner with the sangak, and then I had some jam and cream on bread for dessert. I also tried snacking on turnips throughout the day. Still yummy. Not filling enough for a meal though.

As you can also see above, AliBob had apple-banana juice. When we got here, they also provided us with a lot of juices and nectars. I’m not a huge fan of nectars and too much sugary fruity stuff, so he has been drinking those to help fill him up the past few days. My poor baby is starving.

[Sigh] I still don’t have Internet. I’m missing my family and I’m really missing Internet connectivity. At least we could be in touch that way. I’m also hungry for real substantial home food. Not snacks and a meal culled together from bits and pieces of different food items. Okay. I’m done whining.


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some of these things i haven't been able to open -- hmm, as you can see, i'm catching up on my reading -- sara -- you can start that book, or cookbook, well maybe just book for now...

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