Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Laundry, the Old Fashioned Way

Today I attempted my first load of laundry. I think I was feeling inspired and energized because I finally had real food. It took 3 hours to wash just a few things and I was sore and my muscles were fatigued but hand washing is a good thing to learn. It’s also good to do this and appreciate things like washers and dryers and all the other automatic conveniences, whether they actually save time or not.

I didn’t have anywhere to hang them, so I found the 2nd warmest spot in the apartment (the 1st is actually in our living room and being as people drop by unexpectedly, we can’t have our under things dripping dry in the sun by the heater in plain sight), which is in the bedroom in the sun and near the gas heater. I improvised a line using dental floss (yes, I was quite proud of myself for that one) and managed to hang a few things up. Eventually I hung one thing too many and the line snapped. It all fell back into the puddles that had formed in the plastic bags I had spread out to catch the water. Ah, c’est la vie.

I definitely got pictures of this for two reasons: 1. Watch me in rare moments of domesticity and 2. Check out my dental floss line.

Here is some of our stuff toasting on the heater.

The aforementioned dental floss.

Bags on the floor and table and new garbage can being used to catch water. There was *a lot* of water because I just can’t get the same results as a spin cycle.


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