Sunday, December 04, 2005

I am a Domestic Goddess...almost

Made breadcrumbs! I’m *SO* satisfied with the way they turned out, especially after all that work. In a fit of creativity and innovation, I had toasted the bread slices, hand picked them into crumbs, and finally I crushed the crumbs in a plastic bag with a metal pipe.
Here’s a picture of my most precious breadcrumbs and “rolling pin”:

Here are last night’s chickpeas:

I am taking pictures of my cooking when I can remember so people can see my plight and send me tips, advice and recipes. I’m obsessed with becoming a reasonably decent cook so I can feed guests food without hanging my head in shame.


Blogger huma said...

don't worry sara -- you've got bread crumbs and chick peas -- worse comes to worse -- there is always takeout (there is takeout isn't there?) -- u know i traveled london as a student w/ pbandj (served me well)

10:05 PM  

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