Friday, December 09, 2005

Field Day

Our day off!! It looks like no fesenjan lessons today because the Khanum is busy preparing a speech. Which is just as well, really, since there is a lot to be done around the house and Ali and I both feel like bumming together. I haven’t seen enough of him this past week because of days at the office and evenings at Dr. Sachedina’s lectures.

We tried out our new washing machine. It was a battle of brains, but Ali prevailed, with no help from our manual that’s all in Farsi. Her maiden voyage went quite well and we learned that the cotton cycle is 2 hours long. The synthetics cycle is 45 minutes long. But it did a good job, and the spin is excellent for getting most of the moisture out. I have decided that an automatic washer is a must have. I’m not crazy about the detergent scent but I’ll deal. Clean is good. Here is Ali hard at work staring the machine down and showing it who’s master:

I also very excitedly cleaned the kitchen floor. Ali swept with the sorry excuse for the broom, and then I made a bleach/water mix and dumped it all over the floor. I squeegeed it all toward the drain in the middle of the floor. I did this 4 or 5 times until the water on the floor wasn’t too visibly disgusting anymore and then did a final dry mop on it. I’m pleased to announce that it’s gleaming. See Ali sweep:

I cooked daal and the last of my veggies because we’re out of vegetables and money. I tried to be creative with the vegetables and cooked something I remember loving in Pakistan. I don’t know how close this was to the original, but it ended up tasting pretty darn good. It’s amazing how willing you become to eat (and even enjoy!) your own hand-cooked food when there’s no other choice. I’m glad I overcame that hump.

It was a potato, carrot and tomato curry. I tossed in onion seed and cumin and sautéed those with onions. The carrots ended up being not completely soft at the end of it, but I actually didn’t mind that. Neither did Ali.

We’ve gotten hooked on having fresh fruit after dinner. We had pomegranate and “yaffa”, which is like a clementine, but smaller. Then we snacked on roasted peanuts.

Ali also cleaned out the shower room, which was even more disgusting than the kitchen. There were what looked like bird droppings on the door and walls and it always smells of sewage but that’s just because of the years of ick down in the drain where he can’t reach it. He still did reach in as far as he could and cleaned it out. If I write more on the whole drain thing I’m likely to throw up on the computer and short it out, so in conclusion, after an hour of cleaning, the walls and floor were sparkling clean.


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i'm glad you didn't get into the drain stuff -- but you can clean my bathroom anytime :)

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