Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Let Them Eat Khana

I went to Ms. N’s house and we went for a walk to the University and back while we conversed. Her son had made me a drawing and she gave me his old Farsi book from level 1 (beginner’s Farsi). After that, I had my English conversation class tonight. It was interesting and not quite structured, and I seemed to do most of the talking because they wanted to know all about me and my life and America/Pakistan/South America. I hope I can get them to talk more themselves.

Fatemeh came over and helped me with some Persian out of the children’s book Ms. N gave me, and we worked on an article she had for school.

Irfan Ali went to Dr. Sachedina’s 3rd lecture on with Dr. Elahi and he said he understood a good amount of it, which is fantastic. Dr. Sachedina speaks Persian fluently and flawlessly, as he does most things, but since he enunciates well, it is easier to understand what he is saying.

I worked up the courage to have Fatemeh try some food I had cooked earlier today. I made khatti daal as usual (lentils with lemon juice and tamarind), which happened to turn out quite well, and I also made my version of baigan ka bhurta (a mashed eggplant curry type dish) because well, I just couldn’t remember how it’s really made. The bhurta actually tasted pretty good too, so that was pleasing.
Oh, and I had some leftover eggplant from the time I made my eggplant and potato curry (it was a different kind of eggplant) and so I had roasted that half on the stove and cut it into slices and salted it and then I breaded it in the breadcrumbs I made. I just spiced the breadcrumbs and they were ready to go! They ended up tasting pretty good too, especially for my first time ever. AliBob really loved them. Yay.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any pans left to heat the food up in and so I gave it to her cold. She wanted to just taste it. She ended up really liking it, even cold, so that was a nice feeling. She said if your food is this good, I’m very enthusiastic to try your mother’s food. As well she should be. I am enthusiastic too. Just 6 more months.


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yay -- you're coming along -- and i've got cheese and crackers and salami too -- oh and i discovered there's an asia bazaar around the corner, so come back soon

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